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Sunday, March 21, 2010

Peach Smoothies (non-dairy and vegan)


It seemed long overdue, but we can finally turn off the heater and open the windows. That also means that pancakes and oatmeal are going to be off of the Sunday breakfast menu for a while. In this weather, I would rather have something refreshing that's going to leave me energized, as opposed to the usually carb-laden faire that causes me to veg around on the couch for at least an hour afterwards.

Smoothies are a lot of fun to drink for some reason, and they couldn't be easier to make on a Sunday morning. Simply chuck all of your ingredients into a blender and you're done. They're also deceptively healthy, even though you feel like you're having a milkshake or ice cream. I love using frozen fruit in smoothies because you don't need any ice, and that means your smoothie won't start getting watered down if you're slow enough to let it start melting. These are also great snacks, or even healthy summer desserts. This recipe is dairy free, but switching the soy ingredients out for dairy ingredients will also yield delicious results.

Peach Smoothie (Dairy-Free and Vegan)

2 cups of frozen peaches
1 6oz tub of vanilla soy yogurt
1 banana, sliced into chunks
1 cup of soy milk
A squirt of honey (not vegan) or agave nectar, or a few pinches of sugar

If your frozen peaches are in huge chunks or slices, put about 1/3 of them into your blender with a splash of soy milk and pulse until they break down a little. Continue this with the rest of your peaches, 1/3 at a time. This just makes life a little easier for your blender. I didn't do this the first few times I made smoothies and the results were the same, but it involved a lot of stabbing around with a butter knife in my blender to get the huge chunks to go towards the bottom.

Add the remaining ingredients to your blender and blend until smooth. This makes two large smoothies.

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