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Sunday, February 14, 2010




My favorite grocery store here in Paris is Tang Frères, a gigantic Asian grocery store with the best prices in the whole city. Seriously, you save so much money by shopping there. Cheese and bread are cheap in France, but nothing else! Though the bulk of their stock is Asian, your culinary prospects are not limited as they have a huge inexpensive selection of fresh herbs and vegetables, fruit, meat and seafood.

My 50 euro haul:
Aaaand in this picture you can see my whole kitchen! The two burners are covered with veggies, but they are there. From the left, the wall with the angry, ape-like neighbor behind it, the sink, burners, and my counter, an Ikea folding table that sticks out about 6 inches (length-wise) farther than the rest of the kitchen.  The table was originally on a different wall but a stroke of genius led us to move it here so I could have a kitchen counter / dining table.


I always buy a bunch of 30 - 40 cent ramen packages. Yeah they're salty, but they make for great, easy and CHEAP lunches. 

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