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Sunday, January 31, 2010

BEST OF THE WURST (wurst title ever)


Next stop on the tour de market was the popular wurst stand. There were many and it was difficult to choose, but again, we picked the one with the most German people lined up. I used this tactic in Italy and ended up having the best pizza of my life. There were plenty of wursts to choose from, but we went with the classic pork bratwurst.

Although it was comically served in a small roll, as you can see, it was amazing. Yes, I put ketchup on it. I know, it’s soooo American, but whatever, some Germans were doing it too. I like my ketchup.


This is an easy meal to prepare if you have some friends coming over or you want to impress your new love interest with an exotic lunch but don’t have the time/energy to invest in making something intricate.

Remember that this kind of thing is all about presentation.

All you need:

  • A few links of German sausage
  • Package of sauerkraut
  • Kaiser rolls (or you can get the comically small ones)
  • A package of frozen French fries or potato wedges

Fry up the sausages in a pan over medium heat until they’re brown. Prepare the sauerkraut according to the package instructions. Do the same with the fries or wedges.

Remember, this kind of thing is all about presentation! It will be obvious that you used frozen fries, but that’s not a bad thing because they’re tasty and if you present them in the right way they will be better received by the eater. Serve them in a nice dish or on a nice plate next to the finished sausages.
Put the ketchup and mustard in small dishes that you’d usually use for side sauces or salad dressings and serve with cute little spoons.

If this isn’t a formal or trying-to-impress-someone affair, then do whatever you want, which is what I usually do in an attempt to cut corners and get to the eating part as fast as possible.  

You can find the German sausage at butcher shops. I feel very 19th century writing “butcher shop,” but that’s usually the best place to find a good, fresh cut of meat or stuff like bratwurst. There are many, many varieties of European sausage so you can do some research before you set off on your meaty adventure. To me, Bockwurst and Knackwurst taste most like hot dogs. Currywurst is quite popular too, which is a spicy pork sausage topped with curry sauce, or a spicy pork sausage made with curry powder.

Beware the blutwurst, I myself am not a huge fan of eating coagulated livestock blood.

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  1. "before you set off on your meaty adventure"!!! Awesome. I'm going to eat delicious bratwurst on Friday, and now I know what to call it.