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Sunday, January 31, 2010


No, no we weren’t done eating. We stopped at the German equivalent of New York’s NUTS 4 NUTS stands. These delicious honey-roasted peanuts came wrapped in a little beak (as demonstrated by my friend) that reminded me of the herb-filled beaks doctors used to wear during the plague epidemic. 

The resemblance is incredible and terrifying. Peanut packaging serves as a dark reminder to the people of Europe to beware the friendliness of rats (it doesn’t.)
The next day we saw a full plague doctor outfit in the Berlin history museum. Coincidence? Probably because if not we're totally f*ed

Honey roasted nuts are easy to make and are great to have out at parties, fancy or not. They're also easy to eat in one sitting so be careful.
There are some recipes that don't require an oven, which is good since my apartment in France doesn't have one, but I prefer oven-roasted peanuts. This is a decent recipe from vendor nuts

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