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Sunday, January 31, 2010

Fancy Frühstück


Our last morning in Berlin we took a break from our grease binge.
This was my breakfast: a soft boiled egg garnished with fresh thyme in a fancy asymmetrical glass, a few slices of cheese and a slice of ham, and a few grapes with half a lychee. There was also a basket of bread with butter.
I love the elegance of presentation of this meal. To the American eye this “breakfast” looks rather ridiculous, yet there is a certain effortlessness in presentation that makes every item look like they belong together.  I see this as an illustration of how the mood of presentation can change the way the eater feels about and enjoys the meal.

My friend’s breakfast was similar to mine, a bowl of fruit: beautifully sliced apples, grapes, orange, peach and banana, two slices of cheese, grapes, litchee half, and a small egg omlette.
Again, a modest breakfast made beautiful and elegant through presentation. 

Interior of the cafe

Eine Kleine Context

The café is not too far from the Kaiser Wilhelm church near the Kurfürstendamm subway. The church, below, was badly damaged in WWII, which is why it stands jagged against the sky. The streets and buildings of Berlin are all etched with memory. There are buildings riddled with damage from bullets, there is a cobblestone line indicating where the Berlin Wall once stood and the German tax bureau is located in the former Luftwaffe headquarters.


bullet holes 
 Berlin Wall

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